Hi Y’all,
You made it to my website, it’s simple but does what it needs. You will find links to my Twitch, Discord, and Merch.
My name is EvilBunnyFuFu
I am a streamer and a horrible gamer. Now you might ask, if I am so bad at gaming why in the heck am I streaming it. Well, Easy, EVERYONE LOVES A TRAIN WRECK!! So, check out my Twitch, join me for a chat on my Discord and have a good time.
I have been in the tech industry all my life and if I am not doing something related to computers then you will find me working on cars. I am also a single father, so you might randomly see my daughter pop in the stream from time to time.
Here is a short list of the games I stream.

- [ATS] American Truck Simulator
- [ETS2] Euro Truck Simulator 2
- [BORD] Boarderlands 2
- [REC] RecRoom (VR)
- [DBVR] Desert Bus (VR)
- [CSGO] Counter Strike: Global Offensive
- [GTAV] Grand Theft Auto V
- [SPIN] Spintires MudRunner

and whatever else might catch my fancy.